Rosyjskie skrzydlate słowa w polskim dyskursie internetowym

Jadwiga Tarsa
Google Scholar Jadwiga Tarsa


This article is devoted to the functioning of Russian winged words in the Polish Internet discourse. The analysis of the material collected from a variety of websites, blogs, comments, and demotivators showed that Russian winged words are present in the statements of Internet users. In newspaper articles and news programmes, the author or the source of the winged word appears more often, while the authors of blogs and demotivators use Russian units which have lost the link with the source and are easily modifiable. Most often, in the statements of young people there are those that do not require linguistic and cultural competences; they constitute unnamed, permanent expressions for the broadcasters. It can therefore be assumed that the younger generation (including the authors of demotivators) use Russian winged words without being aware of their origin, and their lexicon includes those that are universal in their meaning and do not carry additional contexts.

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