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Tom 175 (2022)

Параметри діагностики психотипу лінгвоперсони у фокусі теорії дискурсивних слів (потенціал числівника в поезії Л. Костенко)

  • Tetyana Kosmeda
6 września 2022


Scientific research demonstrates a syncretic combination of the theory of different scientific directions, so it represents new knowledge and is relevant. Its purpose is to show the possibilities of the syncretic description of language personality within linguopersonology, psycholinguistics and the theory of discursive words, demonstrating the potential of linguistic means to detect the psychotype of a linguoperson (extroverted, introverted or ambiverted). To determine the nature of the psychotype of a linguoperson, it is advisable to conduct aspectual research to identify the features of the functional load of certain classes of words. We try to actualise grammatical numeral forms as representatives of the discursive words, which, functioning in Lina Kostenko’s poetic discourse, change their grammatical affiliation and show a powerful semantic, pragmatic and attractive potential, proving that Lina Kostenko belongs to the introvert psychotype. The peculiarities of the use of the numeral and its forms, the advantage in the use of its lexical and grammatical categories and categories of structure are the convincing argument that allows us to separate introverts from extroverts. Such an approach has a research perspective regarding the use of the proposed methodology for updating other classes of discursive words.