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Tom 175 (2022)

Основні принципи викладання граматики української мови як успадкованої: від теорії до практики

  • Oksana Turkevych
6 września 2022


The article describes the principles of different stages of teaching the grammar of Ukrainian as a heritage language (selection of grammatical material, presentation, mastering, training, use — correcting errors and assessment). The main method used is the descriptive method, which demonstrates certain aspects of the world experience that can be useful for the Ukrainian language education, while the method of component analysis has been used to identify the semantics of the studied terms, as well as elements of the observation method (based on teaching experience). Grammatical competence is defined as the ability to produce speech by choosing the right grammatical forms, understanding grammatical categories and meanings. The meaning of the terms grammatical minimum (set of grammatical meanings, functions and forms required for learning), explicit (explanation by means of rules) and implicit (unconscious learning), deductive (from rule to examples), inductive (from examples to rules) methods for mastering grammar have been specified. Examples of tasks that can be used in the learning process have been offered.