Tom 175 (2022)

Interpunkcja i składnia w pracach studentów pedagogiki — norma i uzus

Strony: 271-282



The paper focuses on the ignoring of selected punctuation standards in texts prepared by pedagogy students at the University of Silesia. The analysis includes the description of some punctuation experiences, such as not using essential commas for separation, among others, of subordinate sentences (and/or participial sentence equivalents), interconnected with the superior sentence; separation of the subject group and the predicate group with a comma (as a consequence of following a prosody in the distribution of commas); irregular normative policy (as a consequence, among others, of ignorance of punctuation enumeration). The conclusion highlights didactic and normative recommendations in terms of modern Polish punctuation. It includes the necessity to record, register and analyse new punctuation tendencies in texts written in Polish, such as the ignorance of selected punctuation standards, and the turn towards secondary orality, following the impact of English punctuation.

Zasady cytowania

Bortliczek, M. (2022). Interpunkcja i składnia w pracach studentów pedagogiki — norma i uzus. Slavica Wratislaviensia, 175, 271–282.