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Tom 177 (2023): Wielkie tematy kultury w literaturach słowiańskich 15. Zaraza

Jak Rosja walczy z „tęczową zarazą”, czyli dyskurs anty-queer we współczesnej rosyjskiej przestrzeni kulturowej

27 grudnia 2022


This article is an attempt to outline the anti-queer discourse in the contemporary Russian cultural space. The analysis focuses mainly on the film Firebird (Жар-птица), which is a very rare example of queer cinema aimed at a wide Russian audience. In order to indicate the features of the homophobic policy of the authorities towards cultural representations of queer issues, the author references research conducted in the field of social sciences and certain press materials devoted to the premiere of the film. The analysis proves that, despite the intensely promoted (both in political and cultural spheres) anti-homosexual policy, the mass consciousness of the Russian audience was more liberal than it was perceived (at least to a certain extent), and the actions taken by the authorities and politicians did not bring expected results.