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Tom 177 (2023): Wielkie tematy kultury w literaturach słowiańskich 15. Zaraza

Postjugosłowiański teatr wobec pandemii COVID-19. Poetyka, strategie kreacji i nowe uczestnictwo

27 grudnia 2022


The COVID-19 pandemic caused the necessity to change the process of theatre production and facilitated the development of certain solutions enabling the presentation of its effects, such as the use of new technologies and a revamp of the “intimate show” strategy. That led to the discovery of model of theatre so far unknown on such a scale and generated a different mode of reception. It turned out that restriction became a great inspiration for many theatre artists, as evidenced by artistic projects (staged texts, installations, cruising performances, performative walks) from Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia and Montenegro. The selected examples confirm that in a certain regional dispersion in 2020 and 2021 similar contents have emerged and comparable concepts have come to fruition. The material includes an overview of dramatic plays and their transfer to the stage (also virtual or in “non-theatrical” spaces), and thus a description of decisions concerning the choice of subject matter, poetics and production strategy.