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Tom 177 (2023): Wielkie tematy kultury w literaturach słowiańskich 15. Zaraza

Пандемички дискурс у поезији Драгана Хамовића: „Заштитна маска” и „Две хиљаде двaдесета”

27 grudnia 2022


The paper discusses elements of pandemic discourse in the poetry of Dragan Hamović within two collections of his poems: Protective Mask (2020) and Two Thousand Twenty (2021). At the centre of this poetry lies the general questioning and concern over the new and (im)possible living conditions to which we as a society are exposed to due to the pandemic of COVID-19. Through a kind of lyrical diary of a bad year, the poet lucidly sees himself and others in the context of the so-called new normality (isolation, quarantine, curfew, state of emergency, masks, vaccines, tests and so on) and the year 2020, as a year of double annihilation (“two zeros”). The focus of the research will be therefore directed towards rethinking and critique of the current socio-historical moment as a moment of crisis at the global level caused by the coronavirus epidemic.