Tom 153 (2011)

Cielesność a psychiczno-duchowy wymiar macierzyństwa. Dramaty Lady Kaštelan i Ivany Sajko

Strony: 199 - 209



Corporeality and psycho-spiritual dimension of motherhood based on the works of Lada Kaštelan and Ivana Sajko


The text deals with the contemporary Croatian dramas by Lada Kaštelan The Last Link, Before Sleep and Ivana Sajko 23rd Kitten, Woman-bomb. They are presented as interesting examples of “maternity literature” and illustrations of different, often shown in an unusual way, aspects of motherhood. They also provide confirmation of correctness that in this experience the realm of biological, psychological and spiritual are strongly correlated with each other, they coexist and collaborate. Croatian playwrights demonstrated new models of extra/ordinary female identity and different, undesirable, non-performing aspects of motherhood that concern the woman’s body, psyche and spirituality. In this very interesting way the authors tried to redefine and reinterpret the existing regulation of motherhood. These works reveal that maternity remained a contested terrain despite its association with an increasingly standardized set of values and expose the negotiations about the cultural meanings of family, womanhood and motherhood. Furthermore, they explore and challenge conventional maternal ideology and expose gaps in the mythology of ideal motherhood. Lada Kaštelan and Ivana Sajko analyse the various problems relating to the maternity function or distortions of motherhood, as well as use the examples of very distinct physical anomalies associated with the images of pregnancy, childbirth, raising a child and at the same time they research the categories of natural — unnatural — supernatural motherhood.



Zasady cytowania

Abrasowicz, G. (2011). Cielesność a psychiczno-duchowy wymiar macierzyństwa. Dramaty Lady Kaštelan i Ivany Sajko. Slavica Wratislaviensia, 153, 199–209. Pobrano z