Tom 153 (2011)

Тело, телесность и авторский стиль Валерии Нарбиковой

Strony: 399 - 405



The body, embodiment and style of Valerija Narbikova


Contemporary Russian writer Valerija Narbikova, who published her first novel in 1988, is regarded as one of the best representatives of the so-called “another prose,” which became a new trend in Russian literature of the eighties. The destruction of literature norm became a characteristic of “another prose”: the writers were not interested in heroes anymore but rather in the ordinary people with their daily routine and everyday problems. Many Soviet people tried to escape from their absurd lives going to the theater and cinema, and reading books. The writers of the eighties who were deconstructing the Soviet “reality” became a kind of revelation for many of those people. Narbikova thought that Soviet actuality was absurd, and constantly criticized the Soviet inhuman system. Her style reflected her thought. Thus, she often uses inversion to describe the contradictions of the Soviet system; she often gives a detailed description of ugly human bodies, filthy streets with lots of garbage, sexual intercourse with the help of pun, euphemisms and metaphors.



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Maeda, S. (2011). Тело, телесность и авторский стиль Валерии Нарбиковой. Slavica Wratislaviensia, 153, 399–405. Pobrano z