Tom 153 (2011)

Тело и душа как объекты инициации по роману Олега Постнова

Tatiana Pudowa

Strony: 423 - 432



Soul and flesh as objects of initiation in Oleg Postnov’s novel Fear


The article analyses a meeting of protagonists in the childhood in Fear novel. This meeting has determined their further life. The author has concentrated on the boy and the girl’s maturing as well as on relations between flesh and soul. Disharmony between K***’s flesh and soul becomes the reason of his fears and neurasthenia. As a result, such a condition of his mind leads to his suicide. The author of the novel compares the life of the protagonist to such writers as E.A. Poe, S. Kierkegaard, and N. Gogol. There are a lot of quotations, allusions, reminiscences from Gogol’s Vij and Terrible revenge in the novel. They are typologically very similar: all of them are alone, reserved, not understood by the environment, prone to depression, and aware of their own psychological non-standard. Writers to whom the author appeals, could direct overflowing energy to a creative channel at a certain stage of their life. Unlike them, energy of Postnov’s protagonists has been directed exclusively to self-damage.



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Pudowa, T. (2011). Тело и душа как объекты инициации по роману Олега Постнова . Slavica Wratislaviensia, 153, 423–432. Pobrano z