Tom 153 (2011)

Любов і сексуальність у художній прозі «романтиків вітаїзму»

Lidia Kawun

Strony: 583 - 589



Love and sexuality in the artistic prose of “vitaism’s romantics”


The article analyzes the problem of love and sexuality in the compositions of Ukrainian writers in the 1920s who were the creators of “vitaism’s romance.” The creation of M. Hvylovyi and I. Dniprovskyi is lightened in the context of A. Bergson’s philosophy of vitalism and in The Decline of the West by O. Shpengler. Their prose is observed through the prism of psychoanalytic theories. A special attention is given to the distinguishing and creative functions of eroticism in the compositions of M. Hvylovyi, to the Endymionic tune in the achievements of I. Dniprovskyi, and also to the problems of correlation in artistic thinking of writers with the reality.



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Kawun, L. (2011). Любов і сексуальність у художній прозі «романтиків вітаїзму». Slavica Wratislaviensia, 153, 583–589. Pobrano z