Tom 153 (2011)

Пожадання і ґвалт у романістиці шістдесятників

Hanna Dawydowa-Biła

Strony: 597 - 603



Rape and desire in literature of the “generation of the sixties”


Intention of the violence is put in the nature of social realistic art of the 1940s–1950s that had an effect on forming the creative works of P. Zagrebelny, Val. Shevchuk, O. Honchar. The change of an aesthetic code in the 1980s and necessity to compete with younger generation also the latent mechanisms of creative defeat have forced representatives of the given generation to deduce desire like basic component of novelistic structure. In case of Zagrebelny it has led to treason to the canon and negation of own creativity, in the case of Shevchuk — to deformation of the aesthetic object. Significant erotomania which we can see in the works of the “generation of the sixties” is not only a tribute to the process of commercialization but also a chronic illness of the generation.



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Dawydowa-Biła, H. (2011). Пожадання і ґвалт у романістиці шістдесятників. Slavica Wratislaviensia, 153, 597–603. Pobrano z