Tom 153 (2011)

Концепція тіла у фантастичній прозі Олеся Бердника

Switłana Olijnyk

Strony: 605 - 611



The conception of body of Oles’ Berdnyk science fiction


In the article the bodily form of human being described in science fiction novels of Oles’ Berdnyk is analysed. The author shows the main aspects of writer’s views on correlation of man and his body which were formed by neoromanticism, socialist realism and rethinking of positive philosophy made into science fiction. In the article writer’s opposition between a man and a machine is considered too. In spite of predominant understanding of machine’s significance and leading position in science fiction, in particular cyberpunk, Berdnyk shows us the denial of mechanized life and algorithmization of human nature. Also the evolution of human body into the beautiful monster described in Berdnyk’s works is shown. The human spirit is the main reason for such transformation. Sensual elements of the body do not come out of clear and marked manifestation because of appeal to reason in the writer’s texts. In addition, Berdnyk’s reduction of perception of the body is caused by keeping within the bounds of socialist realism.



Zasady cytowania

Olijnyk, S. (2011). Концепція тіла у фантастичній прозі Олеся Бердника. Slavica Wratislaviensia, 153, 605–611. Pobrano z