Tom 153 (2011)

Aspekty cielesności w prozie Lubka Deresza

Strony: 663 - 670



Corporeality aspects in Lubko Deresh’s prose


The subject of the article are the deliberations on the prose of one of contemporary Ukrainian writers — Lubko Deresh. It turns out that the young author has become part of the current of the European prose at the turn of the centuries, deciding to defy many conventions persisting in Ukrainian literature to date. The aim of the author was, as it seems, to shock the reader by using the subjects from the scope of man’s corporeality, absent or rarely appearing in Ukrainian literature. It turns out that Lubko Deresh can, in an extremely interesting way, present a human body in all its natural beauty. Apart from delicate eroticism, the author also focuses on the surroundings of love scenes, imbuing them with colours or creating an appropriate mood. His ideal of the feminine body is a young slim woman with long hair, small breasts and white complexion without a tan. One can see the echoes of adolescent desires of a teenager — after all the author was this age at the time of his literary debut. However, the reading of the following books shows that presenting man’s corporeality Lubko Deresh gives in to pressure of times and follows the most catchy themes in contemporary culture, that is sex and vulgarity, sometimes there also appears cold biologism and obscenities.



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Nowacki, A. (2011). Aspekty cielesności w prozie Lubka Deresza. Slavica Wratislaviensia, 153, 663–670. Pobrano z