• Telo ako inšpiračný zdroj poézie Mily Haugovej

Telo ako inšpiračný zdroj poézie Mily Haugovej

Anna Valcerová
Google Scholar Anna Valcerová


Body as a source of inspiration of Mila Haugova’s poetry


The present paper deals with the recent poetry of Mila Haugová, one of the major contemporary Slovak women poets and the ways in which body is incorporated in her poetic world. Among other things, the study tries to determine the place of Haugova’s recent poetry in the network of the modern women’s writing. It points out the connections of Haugova’s poetics with Slovak and world women poets, such as Lýdia Vadkerti-Gavorníková, Anna Akhmatova, Marina Tsvetaeva, Ingeborg Bachmann and Elsa Lasker-Schüler. The paper’s main attention is given to the reflection of the gradual emancipation of the subject and body in Haugova’s poetry. The body is finally allowed to be experienced as a source of pleasure, which helps to unveil female physicality. The study interprets this act as the culmination of Haugova’s contribution to Slovak women’s literature, because it unmasks and frees pure femininity in Slovak poetry.



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