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Tom 155 (2012): Wielkie tematy w literaturach słowiańskich 10. Sen

Sémantika snů v druhé sbírce Odisej Odysseus slovinského básníka Gregora Strnišy

  • Alenka Jensterle-Doležal
26 grudnia 2012


The semantics of dreams in the second book of poetry Odisej of Slovene poet Gregor Strniša

The topic of the paper is the semantics of dreams in the second book of poetry Odisej 1963 of Slovene poet Gregor Strniša 1930–1987. The phenomenon of dreams is presented in different levels of the fictional world: in the narrative structure, in the symbolical images and the motifs and also in the language and the style: in different grammatical forms and genitive metaphors. Gregor Strniša derives his poetical experience from the tradition of European symbolism R.M. Rilke and surrealism. The poetical and the grotesque reality of his images and stories symbolically suggest philosophical truth of the difficult position of the modern subject and also his complex perception of the world. The stories are also based on Old Greek and Middle Age European myths. Images have also the visual dimension and they are connected with the paintings of surrealism Chirico, Dali. The main idea of the book, expressed in the stream of symbolical scenes and motifs, is the problem of identity of the lyrical subject and the loss of it.  The poetry of Gregor Strniša is one of the most symbolical and philosophical books after the Second World War in Slovene poetry.