Tom 155 (2012)

Motywy oniryczne w opowiadaniach Aleksandra Kuprina

Strony: 155 - 163



Oneiric motifs in Aleksandr Kuprin’s works

Aleksandr Kuprin fits into oneiric tradition existing in Russian literature. Nightmares, dreams, hallucinations appear in his works and are combined with descriptions of the nightand moonlight. In Kuprin’s works dreams occur from apsycho-physiological epistemological and metaphysical perspective. Moreover, the dream plays different roles, for example constitutes the main plot of a work or is just a stylistic or evaluative part of it. Oneiric motifs allow the writer to deepen human psyche and analyze body and soul symptoms as well as show an analogy between the dream and creative process.

Zasady cytowania

Bielniak, N. (2012). Motywy oniryczne w opowiadaniach Aleksandra Kuprina. Slavica Wratislaviensia, 155, 155–163. Pobrano z