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Tom 155 (2012): Wielkie tematy w literaturach słowiańskich 10. Sen

Zmory codzienności Aleksandra Błoka. Traumatyczne spotkania poetyckiej nadwrażliwości z rzeczywistością społeczną w Dziennikach z lat 1911–1913

  • Małgorzata Burzyńska
26 grudnia 2012


Nightmares in Alexander Blok’s everyday life. The poet’s hypersensitivity and its traumatic encounters with social reality in Diaries 1911–1913

The aim of the text is to trace and analyse similarities between Alexander Blok’s experience of social reality, expressed in the poet’s Diaries from the years 1911–1913, and psychopathological reactions, typical of mental disturbances or disorders. The context of the analysis is Cesare Lombroso’s theory, stating that creative ingenuity usually coincides with mental disorder, which may be due to the impact of artists’ imagination upon their perception of the external world. Three fragments of the symbolist’s notes are analysed with a reference to Antoni Kępiński’s work in order to show how the hypersensitive self, preoccupied by its own internal world, unconsciously ascribes its own states and emotions to the outside world. Delusional projection of the subject’s own fears and presuppositions onto the social reality leads to distortion of its image, which therefore turns to be an unbearable nightmare, like a dream originating from the inside of the human self, but lasting in daily life as apart of conceptual structure of everyday reality. The three situations from everyday reality, perceived and described by the poet as nightmare encounters, provide evidence for considering Blok’s irrelevant, exaggerated reactions as pathological.