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Tom 155 (2012): Wielkie tematy w literaturach słowiańskich 10. Sen

„Błękitny sen o rewolucji”. Poetyka oniryczna w prozie Mykoły Chwylowego

  • Albert Nowacki
26 grudnia 2012


“A blue dream about revolution”.Oneiric poetics in Mykola Khvylovyi’s prose

The literary legacy of Mykola Khvylovyi, one of the most outstanding Ukrainian writers of the 20th century, is rated among the canon of Ukrainian literature. The writer introduced into this literature extremely new and interesting, for his times, stylistic elements. He drew from his contemporary European literature and broadened the range of themes in his native literature which his prose. The world of his novels is often deprived of rationality, reality questioning the principles of logics, in which the boundaries between real and imaginary blur, and protagonists are frequhad not been exploited in Ukraine much before. One of these elements is oneiric poetics present in ently suspended between wakefulness and dream, they have visions or experience hallucinations. The motif of “a blue bream” about revolution comes to the front — an elusive dream about better future and a motif of Don Quixote — a knight-errant dreaming about the mission of saving the world.