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Tom 155 (2012): Wielkie tematy w literaturach słowiańskich 10. Sen

Sny o Májovém snu minsterberského knížete a kladského hraběte Jindřicha mladšího z Poděbrad

  • Jarosław Malicki
26 grudnia 2012


Dreams about A May Dream of the Duke of Münsterberg and Count of Glatz Henry the Younger of Podiebrad

The love poems from the so called Neuberg collection have been valued and interpreted in very different ways. They have been characterized as immoral poems or classified among the first works of renaissance and humanism of Czech literature in the 15th century. However, The Verses about a Lover and A May Dream are closely connected with the conventions of the court poetry of the Middle Ages. The fact that dreaming occurs as a motif in order to introduce the locus amoenus is one example. Echoes of the tradition of courteous love are balanced by daring images of erotic yearning. The woman who is the subject of yearning is also the subject of courteous respect. Obvious biblical allusions strengthen the bond — indicated in the text — between the experience of worldly, temporary love and the eternal one. Honor and the promise of eternal happiness turn out to be more powerful than the illusion of blissfull moments.