Tom 155 (2012)

Czeskie sny Vladimíra Macury

Piotr Gierowski

Strony: 355 - 362


The Czech dreams of Vladimír Macura

Basing on the book The Czech Dream by Vladimír Macura, the author describes the scientific metaphor of “dream” in the works of Czech scholar. The main aim of the paper is to reconstruct the functions, mode of using, poetics and morphology of the Macura’s Czech Dream which in general means the 19th-century national myth. The author also analyses the structural and functional similarities and differences between the phenomena of dream and myth and tries to answer the questions why Macura decided to use the term “dream” instead of “myth” in his book.

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Gierowski, P. (2012). Czeskie sny Vladimíra Macury. Slavica Wratislaviensia, 155, 355–362. Pobrano z