Tom 156 (2012)

Музыкальная стихия лирики Софии Парнок. Cтихотворение Орган

Galina Sikora

Strony: 25 - 34



Musical element in poetry of Sophia Parnok. Poem Organ

Sapponic poetry of Sophia Parnok was not recognised by critics and literary scholars, both in pre- and post-revolutionary Russia. That was the poet’s personal drama. However, in recent times, through the work of scholars of literary history of Russia: Sophia Polakova, Diana Burgin and others, the works of the poet regained its rightful place in the history of literature. The desire of Parnok was to find a universal language through which readers could be provided with a wide range of emotional experiences. Such language for the poet became the language of musical references and concepts. Organ is a poem in which the Parnok has entered into the thoughts and associations caused by her communing with music. Sublime organ music in church feast day Mass, sowed the seed of a poetic soul of Parnok, whose crops fed on the later works of the poet.

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Sikora, G. (2012). Музыкальная стихия лирики Софии Парнок. Cтихотворение Орган. Slavica Wratislaviensia, 156, 25–34. Pobrano z