Tom 156 (2012)

Norma a wariancja frazeologiczna w języku polskim oraz serbskim

Strony: 93 - 110



Language norm and the phraseological variance in Polish and Serbian

The study presents a phenomenon of variance among phraseological units in Polish and Serbian. This paper is based on the analysis of language material collected in recent Serbian and Polish phraseological dictionaries. In both languages phraseological variants can be divided into five categories: spelling variants, prosodic, phonological, morphological, and syntactic. It seems that the images of phraseological variance in Serbian and Polish language are very similar. In both languages phraseological variance is most common within the syntactic level, while the spelling variants are very infrequent. It is worth noting that exemplifications of a majority of variance categories can be found both for Serbian and for Polish.

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Jaroszewicz, H. (2012). Norma a wariancja frazeologiczna w języku polskim oraz serbskim. Slavica Wratislaviensia, 156, 93–110. Pobrano z