Tom 160 (2015)

Категория памяти в Жизни Арсеньева Ивана Бунина

Strony: 41 - 52



Category of memory in The Life of Arsenyevby Ivan Bunin

The main subject of this paper is transposition of the philosophical concept of memory on literary material in the form of the novel The Life of Arsenyev by Ivan Bunin. By extracting the category of lyrical memory, the autobiographical and historical events are examined through the prism of narrator’s emotion and the specificities of descriptions, which are identified with the analysis of the phenomenon, containing different levels of chronological narrative, and affecting the change of perspective reception.
In terms of anthropological research, the identification of memory and memories it can be concluded that memory constitutes a form of lyrical narration by exposing the process of becoming a person as well as one’s spiritual activity. At the same time, the writer not only examines the issue of memory-knowledge that determines the individual story, the novel sequences and the aesthetic aspect of the problem, but also introduces an idealization of the past, hence setting the boundaries of individual existence that correlate with the history.

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Bałaban, K. (2014). Категория памяти в Жизни Арсеньева Ивана Бунина. Slavica Wratislaviensia, 160, 41–52. Pobrano z